was it lucky ?

this wednesday is the day that all the gunners fans from the whole world are waiting for. lets cheers them, lets sing for them lets have some faith in them. well. i was pretty much feeling down when watching Arsenal vs Wolves. we did create a tons of chances yet we still didnt have the finishing touch. im not that worried though. Hahneman for me is the best player of the night. he did some crucial saves to deny arsenal goal. LUCKILY bendtner score in the last minute of the match. yeh. was it lucky? NO. that is what we deserve and that shows that Arsenal didnt give up till the ref blow his whistle.

about Barca games, we will be there without our fab4. well, AW says that Nasri will be the main man. he is the creator and he is the Picasso of Arsenal on that night. i think he'll do a superb job in nou camp. i rather see campbell in the center of the defence and song will be the defensive midfielder. i say so because i think, denilson isnt good enough to take the role of song and i think we need to be solid on that position as barca will definitely put a lot of pressure from the start. i'll play eboue on the right, bendtner in middle and arshavin on left if he fit enough to play. i hope he will though. we didnt get to see much of him in emirates as he was subbed in the first half. theo will come in 2nd half to turn the game with his blastering run forward. plus barca will be without their 2 central defenders and ibrahimovic for that night. i think it'll be easier for us without two of their key players in defence. well gunnerians. lets hope for a win eh. i think we will win it 2-1. our scorer is bendtner and nasri. messi will be the scorer for barca just to keep him in the game.

keep the faith, we'll win it!

We are the champions!

I have been saying this all season, in fact I have already said it before the season started that Arsenal FC is going to win at least 2 trophies. This season is ours gooners!

Achap and I watched the Hull game last night. We were outplayed by the home side. We cant play our game. The passes are terrible. At some point, we looked like we were deteriorated. But in the end, we found the nets more than them and the crucial 3 points is all that matter.

I did not lose my faith last night. I keep the faith on. With 8 more games left for the League, all the injured players coming back, and both Man Cunt and Chelshit are set to drop points, I say we win all these remaining games and we will be champions again!

Keep the faith on gooners! And oh, keep singing this chant with your head up. They need our supports and we are going to give em!

And it's Arsenal,
Arsenal FC,
We're by far the greatest team,
The world has ever seen....

RVP11 is out.

well. AW has stress that we might not seen RVP again till the end of the season. so, will he bought someone in to replace him? does he has his eye on someone?

till now, we havent heard of anyone that AW is eyeing. the last one is dzeko the bosnia striker. he's good. i like him. but this time, why dont we go a little way back and take a look at Chamakh. lately he has been a scoring machine for his club. he's young, sharp and the best thing is he can score. i think he would do great for Arsenal.

well. its christmast eve today, i wish to all the christians out there a happy merry christmast and enjoy the holiday. we got a a very very hard game in front of us after the holiday.

have a good weekend people!

its time to move on....

i really did't know what to name the title but here we go on last night game.

i don't know about you guys. But im missing RVP the most at time like this. i Think we could win the match if RVP was playing.

Anyhow, yesterday game wasn't a bad game for us. AW doesn't make any mistake on the selection of player. its just the players who i think had a slow game last night. they look tired and doesn't pass the ball very well i think. the players seem lack of creativity and the attacking player are just not sharp enough.

Arshavin has 30 minutes to change the game but he just can't influences other players to attack more. Rambo was a bit quite in the first half. in other hand, song played quite well holding the sunderland midfielders.

to the defenders. i am glad that AW put traore on the left back instead of silves. i just think that traore has lots of talent and he could become a great player someday. gallas were booed almost everytime he touch the ball. come on get over it people. shit happen. vermaelen was superb. he almost scored the most beautiful goal from a tight angle and i think right now he is one of the most valuable player we have.

almunia, he is quite solid back there but he still has his clown moment. the goal that bent score is totally not his fault. he could do nothing about it.

overall we did not had a bad game and i think everyone is just tired from the international friendlies and WCQ. i hope we could do better against liege and the most important game of the season next week against the chavs.

happy holiday people and have a great day. past is past and lets move on!

nasri will not filling song place, but who will filling RVP place?

so there it goes as the title said. AW is not insist that nasri would not be the suitable player to fill in song absence when he will present his country in the African Cup Nation. AW prefer the young frenchman in the attacking role more than the defensive role. he said that nasri love attacking and he has what it take to be an offensive player. That would be mean Denilson will fill the role of song. to be fair its not that i dont like Denison playing, but he is just not good enough and always gives away freekicks for fun. besides that he is not that tough to take the role by himself.

and now to the attacking part, we all know that RVP is out for 6 weeks. it all went well for RVP this season, and that game against italy was just nightmare for us gunnnerians. he is our top scorer and we need him against liege and chelsea. im not that worry against sunderland though. i knew that we will own them and give cana a hard time in midfield. so who will AW preferred to play RVP place? to be frank, i have no idea, but i would like to see eddy play there and arshavin on the left and rosicky or nasri on the right. what do u guys think?

we will know the answer this saturday and lets hope arsene knows what he is doing. i also hope that AW see this as a positive sign to try new things up front and arsene, i dont want to see any eboue nonsensical stuff on that right wing.

ok lads, lets hope that our beloved Arsene Wenger find the remedy to overcome the problem that we had right now. well, have a great weekends people!

A sweet 3-point revenge ?

We are back at the grove! and we should win against AZ tonight by hook or by crook. in fact, we should win against them 2 weeks ago. but shit happens eh ?

3 points tonight is a must to get the early qualification to the next round. that will gives Wenger chances to do experiments on the squad later on. so i expect to see our best squad playing tonight. the boss might put Eboue at the right wing though since Nikky B is out.

Clichy will be out for up to two months as the defender has a fracture of his back. apparently Clichy has been playing with the injury all season and a recent scan revealed the extent of the problem. so that means, it is time for our young Gibbs to shine. to be the next Cashley-Clichy type of left back. after all, that is the only successful product that we produced for the past few years.

Anyhow, the scouting report says that we are eyeing on a 19-yo second striker from Russia, Alan Dzagoev. he plays for CSKA Moscow and some said he is the Russia's brightest new hope. he showed masterful display on how to use operational space and some even called him the new Arshavin. but for £15m ? nah, he is too overpriced. plus, we have enough young forwards in our squad.

Ahh, football is getting more and more exciting. have a great week gunners!

we won, we had a clean sheet, but still......

yup we win against the spud here in emirates. we won 3 nil and we even had 2 goals in a space of 1 minute. its been long since we scored in a minute space. it was an amazing goal from the fab4 and RVP11 had two tonight. it was a relieve to see arsenal play like that. but i still think that we could score more goals. eddy could put his name on the score sheet. twice!!. but the most important is we had a clean sheet. i guess wenger finally learn his lesson after the AZ and hammer game. and that was a relief too.
the only thing that unsatisfied me is the starting line up. he still use that abou instead of someone more better than him. nasri could fit on that position. and he even let eboue played instead of vela, or nasri, or even willshere. everything was fine except the line up. come on wenger i know that you could do more than that damn it. put the best player in. im sure and damn confident we could win the title. dont blow that with your ridiculous line up. put nasri in midfield, instead of abou. abou is good, but i think that nasri is better. or willshere there maybe. he is talented and i think he should have a spot in that starting line of yours. i also think that eddy should played more. he has the intelligence that we need and he always create a chance for others to score. and that DM role. i think u should consider on giving eastmond or nasri. yess NASRI. he is fast. he defend well. he rarely make clumsy tackle and he not often give freekicks away for fun, like abou and song always do. i doesn't have any problem having fab4, nasri and arshavin there. upfront. u could put eddy, RVP and bendtner. now that bendtner is injured. put vela in. he is talented doesn't he? to compare with eboue, vela is way more talented that eboue.
so what u guys think about this? :

sagna/EBOUE - gallas - verminator - clichy
fab4/willshere - nasri/eastmond - arshavin/nasri/fab4
bendtner/vela - RVP - eddy/vela/arshavin

we could win the title if the starting line up is like this isn't it?

p/s:i also noticed that arshavin is quite unhappy lately, something is bothering him maybe? wenger gave a different role for him and he doesn't like it? i doesn't know but what i know is something need to be done about that. we don't want our record signing unhappy don't we.?

well. we had a great game today. hope the wins continue. have a great weekends people!